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In Pennsburg #Pennsylvania where I have my art studio and Living Concepts #mentoring center, Teamwork Wins #nonprofit also holds its weekly #LegoTherapy group! 🎒💡#Playtherapy with #collaborative @lego building helps individuals with #Autism #ASD #ADHD and other students with social, communication, language, or executive functioning #challenges! 🚸 Together with #peers and #peermentors, group members work together to assemble projects while building skills and having #FUN in a relaxed setting! 🎗 TWW is an amazing #nonprofitorganization that helps individuals with Invisible Challenges(TM) and I serve as their Educational Consultant! Did you know that @amazonsmile donates 0.5% to support your charitable organization every time you shop?! If you're thinking about reading my "55 Concepts: Guide to Conscious Living" #selfhelp book, get it on Amazon {link in bio} and #support Teamwork Wins raise money for their @gofundme #Lego #therapy participants! 📚💌www.teamworkwins.org/donate 💥 https://www.gofundme.com/2mshennt #legobuilding #legostagram #legofun #legophotography #legofriends #grouptherapy #donate #generosity #gratitude #awareness #change #acceptance 📸 PC- @sleahcar

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* Lego Therapy * This is great to improve the vocabulary of your little ones and help them being able to follow/give order clearly. Think ahead of what you want the final result to be and take a picture (bottom right), then remove a few pieces at a time, taking pictures at each step. Be the builder and let your child be the "engineer", seeing the picture of the first piece you need to start building (I've only shown the final steps). Then, using just words, he has to describe which piece you need and what to do with it. For example, top left picture the child needs to say "you need 2 green squares and 1 red square, build a tower (green at the bottom then red then green) and put it beside the door". No pointing or doing it for the other person! And so on, until last picture, when child will tell you to open the door and put the pirate sitting on the chair. You can come up with endless combinations and use what you have at home! I love this game! #parenting #parentingtips #mumoftwo #lego #legotherapy #speechtherapy #mumlife

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